Photography by Katie Reeder




Sarah Finkle is a Brooklyn based fiber artist from Upstate New York. She received her Bachelor degree in studio art at Skidmore college, with a concentration in textiles and sculpture. She has continued this exploration as a freelance artist, working alongside and collaborating with fiber and textile artists throughout the city. Along with exhibiting her works within the city and abroad, she has further explored textiles within scenic design, creating interactive fiber installations for productions including Chatroom (2015), and The Shapes We Make with Our Bodies (2017). She has been an Artist in Residence at the Textílsetur in Blönduós, Iceland and the Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn NY. 



The work begins with the body, in process, experience, form and structure. An exploration of space and a space for exploration. A physical representation of the interior self/space/mind. The form is an outcome of this internal process, created from the inside out, as a personal search for boundaries - boundaries that place you in your body, that physically and mentally orient you to the limitations of your surrounding. A space to be: to discover and to escape internally; ever changing, created, deconstructed, reconfigured. An ongoing search for pause.